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Mechanical Operations

At TeknikEller, all VAG Group vehicles are processed mechanically. 

*Tiger change
*Pressure pad
*Chain replacement
*Brake & Brake hydraulic change
*Particle removal
*EGR replacement
* Throttle replacement
*Engine refurbishment
* Gearbox operations
*Diagnos tester & Troubleshooting operations

If we share with you a list of the undercarriage controls made in our company;

  • Shock absorber,

  • axle bellows,

  • axles,

  • Shock Absorber Mounts,

  • cooling fan,

  • exhaust system,

  • brake pads,

  • Tires and rims,

  • Steering box,

  • tables,

  • ball joints,

  • Differential oil sealing,

  • gearbox box,

  • Engine and transmission mounts,

  • Tie rods and heads are inspected by our teams.

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